June 23, 2016
Hey y’all!!  So sorry it’s been so long, and there’s been soooo much happen since I started this web site.  I know it needs a lot of work!!   I am going to get busy with it!   GOD BLESS YOU ALL, and please remember me when any leather-needs arise!   Guitar straps, belts, bracelets/cuffs, Double-Barrel Boot Bags, Vests, etc.
I Pledge to Be Back Soon…

Hey everybody!  Cass Hunter here, starting up a new ThAnG…. my new blog.  Friends, fans, and family seem to always be surprised with some of the details of adventures of mine, on the road and off, so… instead of starting yet another journal filled with stories that I hope to remember to tell later, I’m going to start keeping it all typed up, and as of now, you can be an official “CBM,” CassBM (BM=Blog Member, not…)  well, it will still be a purging of sorts!  I hope you join me on my journey, and helpful hints along the way would be appreciated!

I was wanting to have my first blog start with the recent Key West trip with Freddy and Catherine Powers, but that one’s gonna take a while to get all of my thoughts together, which I have notes of in my Suduko book, my planner, my prayer book…..etc.  I will get to that as soon as possible.   Headed off to the Opry tonight!  Maybe we’ll have a good story to tell after that!